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During a storm, lightning may become your worst enemy. Lightning is a high-risk event. Lightning is electricity, and electricity can damage your home. When a storm contains lightning, it is important to protect yourself and your property.  Even when you protect your home from lightning, incidents can happen. READ MORE >>

The weather outside may be frightful. Nothing seems better during winter weather than a nice warm home and a warm blanket. However, by warming up, there’s also an increasing risk of fires. Heat consumption during the winter months is much higher than other times of the year. READ MORE >>

To protect your profits, you should always protect your business as well. Some people wonder how much insurance protection a business needs. It’s understandable; protecting your business means that some income is already taken. However, protection will prevent you from spending your business profits on frivolous lawsuits. READ MORE >>

Many people ask, what is inland marine insurance? In simple terms, inland marine insurance insures items for your business that are on the move. It was established when goods were frequently shipped by river to do business. Shipping methods have changed, so the definition of inland marine insurance has expanded. READ MORE >>

For many people, the investment in their home starts outside. You’ve installed beautiful landscaping surrounding your home. You have raised garden beds, beautiful waterfalls, and perhaps even a pond added to the layout. You love the way your home looks now, but do you have the right type and amount of home insurance to help protect these valuable investments? READ MORE >>

In 1882, two houses in Hilly, LA were rolled on logs, pulled by mules to the location at 711 N. Vienna.  They were joined together to make one home.  The property was originally known as the Knowles House because the Knowles family was the first owner of the property. READ MORE >>

Workers compensation insurance, whether it is a legally required type of insurance or one that your business selects because of its financial benefits, can be an important financial protection. This type of plan can offer financial protection for your business to cover the losses of your employees if they become ill or are injured on the job. READ MORE >>

It takes a lot of stuff to run a successful business. From the building your employees work in to the computers that store data, there are plenty of physical assets that help daily operations run smoothly. These assets may include furniture, specialized equipment, raw materials, phone systems and any other items within the building that contains business operations. READ MORE >>

So many - literally tens of thousands - friends, neighbors, and residents of the communities in south Louisiana are in a much worse place. No home, no car, no clothing, often not even something as simple as a toothbrush. The devastation is REAL and much, much worse than what you see on the regional or national news. READ MORE >>

The idea of buying your first motorcycle is appealing to many people, but there are some things you should know before making a large investment. Here’s a basic overview of what you should expect if you decide to purchase a motorcycle. READ MORE >>

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