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Watercraft & Boat Insurance Information

Boats can range from small fishing craft to speedboats and even yachts. If you decide to buy one, chances are you’ll find it rewarding. Still, your craft will become a significant cost to manage. Thus, sudden damage or losses might result in financial strain. By carrying boat insurance, you can receive coverage for multiple damage costs.

The Bromell Agency can help you get watercraft coverage for your most-specific needs. Whenever you shove off, you’ll have protection behind you.

Why do boats need insurance?

Boat insurance covers your craft in case an unexpected occurrence damages it. Rather than paying out of pocket for such damage, you instead can turn to your policy for help. Most policies will insure:

  • The boat itself
  • Contents within the vessel
  • Passengers and the operator
  • Risks posed to other parties, like other vessels and their owners

A boat accident might occur instantly. It might happen either on or off the water. It might impact many people, and it might become expensive. With coverage, you can worry less about the ramifications. Your policy might help you avoid situations in which your financial or personal security becomes uncertain.

Establishing the Appropriate Coverage

The coverage you need must reflect your personal operating risks. Ask our agents to include the following on your policy:

Hull Coverage/Physical Damage Protection: Damage to your vessel will need repairs. This coverage can help you pay for hull damage resulting from accidents. It also often covers other damage caused by fires, weather and similar losses.

Liability Insurance: If you cause a wreck, you might harm others or damage their boat. Their coverage can help you cover third-party losses. Coverage might insure bodily injuries and property damage.

Equipment Insurance: You might need specialty protection for certain contents on the vessel. Items to cover might include fishing gear, GPS devices and more.

Trailer Coverage: Covers damage to the vessel's trailer. Your policy might also cover the damage your trailer causes to other cars in an accident.

Medical Payments: If you or your passengers get hurt in a boating accident, this coverage can help you cover your medical bills.

Recovery and Pollution Cleanup Coverage: Coverage can help you raise or otherwise salvage the vessel. It might also cover spill cleanup and pay pollution regulator fines.

Towing Assistance/Mechanical Breakdown Assistance: In the event of a vessel breakdown, your policy might be able to provide towing or repair help.

Our experienced agents can help you determine the limits, deductibles and coverage options that are right for you. We fully understand that no two vessels are identical.  So, at the end of the day, we guarantee that all operators will get appropriate coverage through us.

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